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Stanmore Capital Partners, LLC (Stanmore Capital) is an advisory group for small and mid-market companies.  Stanmore Fund, LP is a fund that invests in certain companies advised by Stanmore Capital.  Stanmore Fund, LP will generally invest in companies that Stanmore Capital facilitates an initial public offering (IPO) in the immediate future. Stanmore Fund, LP will invest as a “pre-IPO” investor in this instance.  The Stanmore entities bring a full package of services and capital that accelerate the ability of a small business to capture its potential for growth.


Stanmore Capital is known for its unparalleled ability to find the best capital and legal structure for small and mid-market companies in specialized niche markets.  Believing that every company, regardless of size or deal amount, requires the same level of attention and dedication, Stanmore Capital specializes in creating shareholder value specific to niche market players. Our goal is to recognize value and deliver solutions in niche market companies that others cannot provide.


As a banking group, Stanmore Capital has managed numerous acquisitions of business units from public and private companies, as well as capitalizations. The firm has experience in reverse mergers, transitioning privately held companies into public entities, as well as securing initial public investments into companies by institutional investors. In the small to medium niche markets, few firms have the skills, scale, or scope of experience that Stanmore Capital delivers.


Since 2002, Stanmore Capital has been dedicated to advising and financing businesses in several growth industries, primarily healthcare services, based in the United States using mainly junior, often foreign, capital markets 


Assignments are generally approached from a principal perspective, where Stanmore:

  • Makes a lead investment to finance the company;

  • Creates a Stark-safe investment structure for US healthcare service businesses where physicians play a key ovwership role;

  • Assists in raising a $5m - $20m first round as well as further rounds;

  • May briefly serve as board members or adjuncts to the executive team in the area of strategic planning.

Stanmore specializes in opportunities in smaller, niche market companies where most large institutional investors cannot easily invest.  Stanmore was established to take advantage of the void in financial and investment leadership within these markets.


Stanmore invests in and advises small-to-medium sized, cash flow positive companies.  The companies that partner with Stanmore can expect an increase in value and access to capital for long-term growth.





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